Electrostatic Application

Electrostatic Application

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What Are Electrostatics?

  • Electrostatic sprayers change the electrical charge of the particles in whatever solution is sprayed to go from Neutral (+’s and –’s) to either Positive (+) or Negative (-).
  • Because of this charge, sprayed charged particles will have an attraction up to 75 times that of gravity and will seek out items to land on versus “floating” in the air.
  • As the like charged particles land, they avoid colliding in the air or landing on each other since they have the same charge so they spread out evenly across all sprayed surfaces providing excellent solution coverage.
  • If the sprayed particles have the opposite charge as the material they are sprayed on, the electrical force will even cause the particles to reverse course and coat hidden and hard to reach surfaces that would typically be missed by conventional spraying or wiping.

The value is in the

Electrostatic application will enable a quick and effective  application of hypochlorous acid. Different than traditional trigger sprayers, the fully-charged droplets hit the surface and create an even spread – similar to a magnet. That “magnetic” effect causes the evenly distributed solution to wrap around objects and cling to surfaces that are normally missed, which increases efficiency and drastically reduces human error.

Electrostatics in Healthcare

Electrostatics in Jan/San