Hospital Disinfection System



The ANNIHILARE HEALTHCARE INFECTION PREVENTION SYSTEM (HIPS™) is the most innovative solution on the market today for dealing with HAIs in all Healthcare environments. We offer a practical approach using both chemistry and technology that is unmatched in effectiveness.

HIPS™ Offers:

  • On-site Production & Bottling of Fluids
  • Fluid Fill & Expiration Dates
  • Cleaning protocol delivery system with built in “best practices” for maximum results
  • Room tracking feature which allows “real time” information on personnel activities and effectiveness, with a built in reporting system
  • Electrostatic Applicators including handheld, backpack, and automated carts for a complete disinfecting solution
  • Asset tracking for equipment
  • Inventory of materials

"The key element of dealing with HAIs is not controlling them. It's PREVENTING them.

- Marty Paris (CEO Annihilare)

Our state-of-the-art generators make EPA registeredGreen Seal® Certified disinfectant/sanitizer & cleaner on-site, delivering our Electrochemically Activated Solutions:


Annihilyte® disinfectant, which is effective with efficacy up to 99.9999% of all current environmental contributing HAIs including C. diff (Clostridium difficile).

Catholyte (FREE)

Catholyte (FREE) (Cleaner and Degreaser) which works as well as any cleaner on the market today, with zero residue.

Highlights & Benefits

On-site generation of EPA registered Products allows continuous production of non-synthetic, Green Seal® Certified fluids, reducing costs associated with ordering and storage of chemicals, all the while providing a safer environment for the cleaning personnel.

Our software ensures:

  • The correct strength of the solution is always being applied for maximum results
  • Areas are being treated properly with industry-recognized and management-controlled protocols and procedures
  • Valuable data is being gathered from each location, to provide real-time information, such as: who performed the tasks, what tasks were performed, what time they were performed and how long a team member took to complete them
  • Management can focus more on follow-up and training with built-in alerts and inspections that notify when certain areas haven’t been addressed