On-Site Generation

On-Site Generation

What is OSG Technology?

By taking a simple salt brine solution and electrical charge, our generators produce a non-synthetic and sustainable, yet extremely powerful tuberculocidal disinfectant and a super effective cleaner/degreaser.

  • Green Seal dual-certified (GS-37 and GS-53)
  • Produced in EPA establishment 92449-NC-1
  • Both products contain no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or Fragrances

The Science

  • Created through an electrolytic process called Electro-Chemical Activation (ECA)
  • Modifies the properties of water, by passing a weak salt brine through an electrolytic cell, temporarily changing into a powerful oxidizing agent exhibiting highly effective antimicrobial properties
  • One side produces a weak acid (HOCl) antimicrobial agent and the other side produces an alkaline (11-12pH) sodium hydroxide cleaner/degreaser
  • Reverts back to salt water

AoS Models


Produces Hypochlorous acid at 500 PPM and Sodium Hydroxide, with a dilution station for up to 6 different cleaning and disinfecting solutions


The Annihilare Healthcare Infection Prevention System (HIPS) – Fully automated HOCl production with protocol tracking and bottle dating

Annihilare (HIPS™) Program

Annihilare Jan/San Program